World Rainforest Day is celebrated on 22nd June every year to recognize the significance of rainforests and their importance in the earth’s ecosystem. The rainforests have a crucial role to play in maintaining the earth’s ecosystem in a balanced state. World Rainforest Day emphasizes the need for rainforests and how they help regulate the earth’s atmosphere. Another area which gets attention is deforestation on the world gets to know about the current deforestation scenario on World Rainforest Day. The first-ever World Rainforest Day was celebrated on 22nd June 2017. Since then, it has been an occasion for spreading awareness about the rainforests of the world, their uses, advantages, merits, the threats to rainforests like deforestation and global warming, and how the rainforests help to regulate earth’s climate, provide oxygen, other forest products, house the majority of terrestrial biodiversity and other significant developments regarding the rainforests. The first-ever World rainforest day was celebrated by a non-profit organization, Rainforest Partnership, to conserve rainforests.

Sometimes, rainforests may get confused with forests. The main difference between the two is that rainforests receive much more rainfall than a typical forest. On average, a rainforest receives a minimum of 60 cms of annual rainfall. Another characteristic that separates the two is that rainforests have an enclosed canopy cover; looking from above, a person will not be able to see the land area of the rainforest while the same is not observed in the case of forests. The rainforests also have The theme for this year’s World Rainforest Day is “The Time is Now”, and as the title suggests, we are in a critical part of the timeline where conservation of the earth’s flora and fauna has become an essential topic of discussion.

Most of the world population is working towards nature conservation, clean energy usage, reducing the effects of global warming and preventing biodiversity loss. We can observe the erratic changes in global climate patterns, which directly result from enhanced human industrial development. It is also responsible for the deforestation of the rainforests to procure more space for industrial expansion; unsustainable use of rainforests to exploit natural resources has also destroyed the rainforest ecosystem.

The theme of this year’s World Rainforest Day emphasizes the urgency of the need to take action to preserve the rainforests and how the rainforests are essential in ensuring the survival of humans and countless other terrestrial species.

The rainforests are a vital part of the ecosystem of the earth. While housing more than 50 per cent of the terrestrial biodiversity, providing us with massively beneficial products, rainforests also absorb vast amounts of pollution and carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to stabilize the earth’s climate. The pace of human activity produces emissions in exponentially growing patterns. But, the rainforests can absorb a century’s worth of emissions and keep the environment clean. In a day and age where carbon sequestration is more crucial than ever, we must work towards protecting the rainforests and conserving a vital part of the earth’s ecosystem. So, let’s come together and protect our mother earth from the forces of environmental destruction.

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