Women on the front-lines of nature conservation

Women have historically been powerful guardians of the trees, while nature is a powerful tool for women’s emancipation. Although traditionally nature conservation is considered to be man’s work, women have now stepped up to bring greenery to our mother earth.

“Put down your heels and walk ahead; Let’s plant trees, not for women but for everyone”

We need to reclaim women’s place in the forest, for everyone’s sake because women have the right to be in the forest, and the forest needs them. As a non-profit organisation run by women, We Grow Forest Foundation aims to uplifts our lost nature back to its original form through urban forestry and afforestation. Across the globe, women are considered keen keepers of culture. Empowering ourselves will be the most efficient way of creating change in the environment. We as a team have successfully made initiatives for the betterment of mother earth.

Team — We Grow Forest

Nowadays it is very difficult to find trees in urban areas, especially in city centers. All are being covered with concrete structures. There is a lot of carbon footprints in city limits that, we find it difficult to get fresh air. As a nature conserving organization, we are obliged to bring limelight to our city areas. We plant local trees especially in city centers such as banyan trees that supply maximum oxygen to the surroundings. Also, we have plans to convert unused land in urban areas to a mini forest to support the local ecosystem for animals and birds.

Bus shelters in city limits are usually metal built and open. They impart a lot of heat and make it difficult for passengers to make a stop. If we make it in support such that carbon emissions from vehicles can be absorbed, it will a great benefit. So, we are planning to convert it into a green shelter where it is covered with creepers and small trees. This will bring coolness to the bus passengers. This project is included in our Urban Forests activity.

Women are known to be a step behind in trekking and other outdoor activities. As a woman-empowered organization, we promote trekking activities especially for women called Women in Woods. We did initiate other activities along with trekking activities like bio ball dispersion, and green consciousness where they will be educated about trees and their well-being. The ultimate aim is to create a space of women hood among themselves where they will be spending time apart from the family for a short period for nature.

However, these practices do not guarantee full results. We have to make imitative on our side to promote urban forestry. Through several kinds of research and study, we have come up with a solution of easy planting called Bio Balls. It is an engineered and cost-effective way of planting trees where a potential seed is wrapped in a composition of sand mud and manure and is made into a ball. We can simply disperse it anywhere on grounds and where the right climatic conditions come it will sprout out. Thus, the tediousness of digging, soil planting and again covering it is no more.

Seed Balls

Women were once made to think and act within the box. But things have changed We are now at the forefront of protecting nature. Let’s rebuild nature, not for us but also for all living creatures on earth. Let’s Grow Forest!

To know more about We Grow Forest Foundation, its activities, and to be a part of it please email to plant@wegrowforest.org



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We Grow Forest Foundation

We Grow Forest Foundation


We Grow Forest Foundation is a non-profit organisation formed to foster a public understanding of the forest ecosystem.