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3 min readJul 21, 2023

The environment loves us, and our responsibility is to replicate that love. It is well known that pollution and deforestation pose severe dangers to the ecosystem.

We must immediately recognize how crucial it is to protect the environment from such threats. People are starting to realize this and implementing eco-friendliness in their way of life.

Many commercial institutions have adopted a greener strategy as well. It is good that, at long last, people are aware of their obligation to take care of the earth and are making a concerted effort to preserve nature and improve it for the upcoming generations.

If industries want to be recognized as eco-friendly, they must work to become carbon neutral. Carbon is one of the deadliest substances and a big contributor to environmental pollution. To improve the environment, industries must take every action possible to become carbon neutral. There are various methods through which industry can become environmentally friendly and stop being a threat to the environment. These methods are beneficial to the world and financially viable to the industry for the expansion of the whole enterprise.

Industrial processes release toxic chemicals & particles into the atmosphere. The concentration of such toxic particles is growing exponentially in the industrial estate, locations with a high concentration of manufacturing industries. Poor air quality is also a direct result of automobile emissions.

The health of people, animals and plants is significantly impacted by high concentrations of hazardous chemicals and particles in our atmosphere. Additionally, it raises the global temperature, which contributes to climate change. Planting more trees and establishing a “green belt” around industrial areas is the most affordable and sustainable strategy to stop emissions and mitigate environmental damage.

We Grow Forest Foundation has launched its new “Green Industries” project in association with Kochuveli Industrial Estate. The project is also a part of the flagship “Carbon Neutral Capital 2035” project. Kochuveli MSME association is the representative body of all industrial unit owners in Kochuveli, Thiruvananthapuram.

In 108.6 acres of land, there are around 120 functional units, supplying 10,000+ families with direct and indirect sources of livelihood. The project aims to bring greenery back to the industrial area and reduce the negative impact on the environment and everyone living near the Kochuveli Industrial Estate. Raising awareness among the local communities is one of the most essential components of our initiative.

For the project’s first phase, We Grow Forest Foundation conducted a preliminary survey of the Kochuveli Industrial Estate to analyze the area and identify suitable locations for the installation of waste bins, CCTV cameras, and walls for the ‘Art for awareness’ project, and areas for plantation.

The estate was thoroughly analyzed, and the findings were documented through videos and photos. A map was prepared to show the proposed locations of plantations, bins, CCTV cameras and art installations. The preliminary survey provided insights into the Kochuveli Industrial Estate.

It paved the way for a plan of action to clean the dumping grounds for plantation drives and the “Art for Awareness” campaign. This would beautify the Kochuveli Industrial Estate and neutralize its carbon emissions.

This challenging project requires a strong determination and long-term commitment from all members of the Kochuveli Industrial Estate and all the residents living near the estate. But taking on this challenge and completing this project can yield significant paybacks like environmental sustainability, economic benefits to everyone involved and improved quality of life due to a clean and green environment.

We are determined to make Thiruvananthapuram the Carbon Neutral Capital by 2035, and this project is just the first step toward that goal.



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