The global epidemic and other worldwide events in

recent times is a clear reflection of how badly we

need to change. The world needs to strive hard towards

economic recovery after the pandemic crisis through

a strategic and rapid action plan to ensure long term

sustainable development and improved resilience.

The pandemic has reinforced the links between

health, the environment and therefore the economy.

It has to be understood that there need to be systemic

actions that are required to bring behavioural changes

in society to ensure a shift towards a sustainable and

resilient economy. The stimulus should be more on

green measures whereby the society should get clear

proof that any organisation or company is conducting

business in a sustainable manner abiding by ethical

business practices. Society demands and expects that

companies should have a purpose for sustainability

thereby contributing to the greater good of the

environment as a whole.

This is giving rise to the phenomenal concept of the

green business model. The thrust here is on making

the business go green by making optimal use of water,

energy and raw materials along with cutting carbon

emissions and ensuring eco-friendly ways of doing

business. The green business model will prioritise

minimising the environmental impact instead of

maximising their profit. Green consulting is an art

of ensuring eco-efficiency by delivering value even

to the bottom line through creating shared value in

the society for the environment. This is done through

developing value-added sustainability strategies,

habitat friendly public policy insights, clean energy

transaction development enhanced stakeholder

relationship management along with detailed market and

issue analysis. The total societal impact will depict the

the true value of not only the surface level sustainability

but also the corporate social responsibility efforts of

the company. The total societal impact opportunities

will help the business to create value-added goods

or services which will ensure economic vitality,

environmental sustainability, lifetime wellness, ethical

capacity and societal enablement. This will help in

creating new sources of differentiation, operating

advantage, network dynamics and societal value.

The companies should need to understand the

environmental impacts of their business and respond

to the increasing market pressure driven by society,

Government, consumers, regulators and other

stakeholders. By switching towards sustainable

business, they can set targets by analysing their current

state and identifying environmental hotspots which will

help in monitoring improvements. This will reduce any

risk and secure the future by embedding sustainability

throughout the business strategy. Identifying the

environmental hotspots will help in enhancing

innovation and thereby gaining a competitive

advantage. This will help in improving the brand value

and can gain better investment opportunities based

on the organisation’s environmental performance.

The result will be a more sustainable, durable and

a resilient business that benefits the shareholders and

the society. This will enable the companies to live

their purpose. The role of business in society will be

expanding and transforming which will drive all the

stakeholders forward collectively for a better future.

We are currently going through an era that has

completely changed the course of human thoughts.

The global pandemic made people think more

about nature which never happened when they

were confined within the four walls due to their busy

lifestyle. We Grow Forest Foundation is introducing

an Affiliation Programme that aims in promoting

sustainable business practices through Sustainable

Consulting. The organisation acts as a sustainable

action advisory that specialises in helping companies

minimise the carbon footprint and drive future

sustainable advantage. Sustainability doesn’t happen

overnight, it takes a lot of planning efforts through

which the day-to-day activities, events, celebrations

and organisation’s workstyle needs to be switched on

to a sustainable and eco-friendly manner. Our expert

teams of consultants have sustainability expertise in

various fields including agriculture, aviation, chemicals,

cement, oils & hydrocarbon, information technology,

mining, metals, manufacturing & real estate. We Grow

Forest is always obliged to ensure the conservation

of nature and natural resources and hence organise

green campaigns and green events to plant more

trees and minimise collective carbon footprints. We

strongly believe that a nation can achieve Sustainable

Development Goals only when people start rebuilding


We Grow Forest Foundation is a non-profit organisation formed to foster a public understanding of the forest ecosystem.