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The Earth yields vast loads of regular resources, and eventually, not long from now, it will run out. That is why we should reconsider what we discard — most often, it’s an opportunity to throw away along with the waste. In the last couple of years, all of us have been relatively complacent, and we are presently confronting an environmental crisis of unrivalled extents. Hence, to encourage the vitality of recycling across the planet, we celebrate March 18 as Global Recycling Day. A day for action, for the world to come together to put our planet first and change the mindset of people, governments, businesses, communities, and individuals worldwide to see recyclables as a resource to save the future of our planet and humanity.
We Grow Forest Foundation celebrates Global Recycling Day every year on March 18 to recognise the importance of recycling in securing our planet’s future. On this day, we raise awareness of the importance recycling plays in preserving our primary resources and securing the future of our planet.
We encourage people to think about what we throw away while highlighting how crucial recycling is to our environment. The day strives to urge world leaders that recycling must be a global issue and encourage people to think resourcefully and not waste when it comes to the goods around us. We must be sure about what we throw away — seeing it not as a waste but as an opportunity.


On the occasion of Global Recycling Day 2022, We Grow Forest Foundation hosted two events that solidified our recycling efforts and built a community of volunteers passionate about similar causes. We conducted a Global Recycling Day Workshop as part of our efforts to sensitise the students of Government Women’s College, Thiruvananthapuram. The workshop addressed reducing consumerism and upcycling to add value to what is otherwise considered waste. The programme began with dignitaries watering a plant to emphasise the importance of growth and sustainability.

Dr Meera Asmi, Chairwoman of We Grow Forest Foundation, delivered the inaugural address. She focused on our organisation’s efforts in achieving the recycling goals we have set for ourselves. On the other hand, Ms Aparna Anand, Managing trustee, spoke about the relevance of small actions, decisions, and choices, which leads to a big difference. Ms Sithara, Unnat Bharath Abhiyan Cell coordinator, stressed ‘How waste is a useful resource’. Hence each and every one of us is part of the solution and should take up responsibility for the same.

The mini-workshop aimed to learn how to reduce our waste footprint & look at what items we should recycle and why. Nearly 50 students participated in the workshop, learning and unlearning about recycling. The students introduced planters using provided waste materials. The programme concluded with representatives from each team presenting their final product. In a nutshell, it was a thought-provoking and fruitful session.


A beach clean-up is an excellent way to make the sea safe and more pleasant for both animals and people. Cleaning the beach improves the coastal and ocean ecosystem by ensuring that none of the trash kills marine life or is poisonous enough to disturb the aquatic life cycle. A beach clean-up provides a chance to collect new information regarding the state of our coastlines and the sorts of waste that pollutes them. Clean seashores are essential to healthy coastal habitats and the well-being of people who visit them.

On March 19, We Grow Forest Foundation took the initiative to clean Veli Beach, Thiruvananthapuram, along with a bunch of enthusiastic volunteers. The event was flagged off from Veli tourist village by the chairperson of Municipal corporation, Ms Jameela Raghavendran, in the presence of Mr Ragesh- Health Inspector, Mr Gopa Kumar — Health Officer of Thiruvananthapuram cooperation, Dr Meera Asmi- chairwoman, We Grow Forest Foundation, Aparna Anand — Managing Trustee, Ms Merin Jacob — Trustee.

The 4 hour clean up resulted in a whopping more than 20 sacks of waste spanning from footwear, glass bottles, diapers, plastic, clothes, etc. Raising awareness among the local communities and vendors is one of the significant components of our initiative.

Due to the pathetic status quo of Veli beach, We have scheduled a year-long beach clean-up drive on the second Saturday every month from 6:30 AM to 10:30 AM. The project aims to develop our beautiful beaches into plastic-free, simultaneously raising awareness about the pollution crisis in the local communities as a sustainable solution. It is sad to see one of our greatest natural resources has become a dumping site for garbage — and this has taken a toll on human and marine health. Tons of pollutants end up in our oceans each year, and most of it comes from human activities.

On the Second Saturday of every month, volunteers will gather at the Veli beach, do a segregated clean-up for 4 hours, and conduct awareness campaigns for the newcomers and local communities. We’ll be installing designated bins for beach waste in collaboration with the local authorities and health department, the Government of Kerala, to reinforce good practices. Veli One Year Beach Clean-up Drive project is our effort to implement a sustainable solution for the waste management menace. This is a collective effort, and we welcome all individuals, groups and organisations to be part of the green solution.

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