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4 min readJul 21, 2023

We Grow Forest Foundation, in association with Kerala Kaumudi, Environment Protection Foundation and Kerala Forests Wildlife Department and Friends Library, inaugurated Kanikonna Gramam Project as part of World Environment Day Celebrations in Neyatinkkara, Thiruvananthapuram, on 5th June 2022. We Grow Forest Foundation donated 200 Golden Shower trees to the library to initiate the Kanikonna Gramam Project. The inauguration followed speeches by notable speakers to improve environmental protection awareness and distributed seeds of sustainable living to the residents of the Neyatinkkara village.

The Golden Shower tree, Cassia Fistula, is known for its vibrantly yellow coloured flowers, which attract bees and butterflies for pollination and produce a captivatingfragrance. Kanikkonna Gramam is an initiative to make the village’s roads blossom with yellow golden cascades. Two hundred saplings of the Golden Shower tree were donated as part of this project. With the help of the Social Forestry Department of Kerala, saplings were collected and transported using an electric vehicle to Friends Library for the inauguration programme on the next day. This kept the carbon emission to a minimum during transportation. We Grow Forest Foundation carries out several landscaping projects and plantation drives where various trees, plants and flowering shrubs are used.

The Kanikonna Gramam project was launched by planting a Golden Shower tree outside the library’s entrance. The inauguration was attended by nearly all of the village’s residents. Dr Meera Asmi, Chairwoman of the We Grow Forest Foundation; Ms Aparna Anand, Managing Trustee of the We Grow Forest Foundation; Dr C. V. Jayakumar, General Secretary of the Environment Protection Foundation; Mr S. Vikraman, Unit Chief of Kerala Kaumudi, and Mr John Jacob, Malayalam Cine Artist were the notable guests of the programme. There were speeches from these expert speakers that aimed to make the attendees aware of the current climatic conditions, the importance of environment protection, maintenance of environmental elements, biodiversity, plantation drives, etc. The speeches aimed at awakening a green consciousness in people, inspiring them to adopt environmentally friendly ways of living, and enlightening them about the fact that sustainable living is possible.

Many village youths and school-going children listened attentively to speeches during the inauguration. We Grow Forest Foundation always targets the heart of the problem while addressing one. In today’s scenario, the adverse effects of climate change are evident through significant changes in seasonal weather pattern shifts, flash floods, rising sea levels, droughts, etc. This problem must be addressed and taken care of hastily before we turn earth into an inhabitable planet resulting in the extinction of most of the biodiversity. The best way to tackle this is to bring about behavioural change in the current and upcoming generations. This is what the speeches precisely aimed to deliver during the inauguration programme of the Kanikonna Gramam project.

After the speeches, a pledge was taken by the Managing Trustee of We Grow Forest Foundation, Ms. Aparna Anand and all the attendees joined her in taking a pledge to work towards environment protection and adopting sustainable living practices. Mementoes were awarded to Dr. C. V. Jayakumar, Dr. Meera Asmi and Mr. John Jacob to recognise their work towards creating a green-conscious by using their platform effectively. The village residents were given seeds of different plants to ensure they use them in their backyard gardens and grow their vegetables. Each resident was given a Golden Shower tree saplings to plant in front of their home to care for and nurture the tree. This builds a bond between the person and the environment and imbibes the feeling of belongingness towards the environment that they live in.

After the inaugural speeches and the pledge, there was a flash mob where children showed the importance of nature and the need to protect it through the art of dance. Two dance performances attracted people’s attention to the activity near Friends library. One part of the flash mob took place in front of the Friends library entrance, followed by the whole communion of the attendees walking to a special place in the village and planting a Golden Shower tree.

Dr. Meera Asmi did the plantation, and other village residents supported her. At the new place, another flash mob was organised by the village’s residents, and the dance for nature conservation was observed. This dance performance was organised by high-school children, which showed that the seed of green consciousness is present in a portion of the villagers and with enough care and nurture, it will bloom into a big, strong tree and cover the whole village in its shade.

The Kanikonna Gramam project on World Environment day was a monumental occasion for the Neyatinkkara village residents, who were donated 200 Golden Shower trees. The speeches by notable personalities inspired the young generation to be more responsible and loving towards nature and mother earth.

The flash mob dance performances further intensified this affection towards the environment. In the near future, when the Golden Shower trees reach maturity and cover the Neyatinkkara village in their fragrance and vibrant yellow colour, we all will be reminded of World Environment day 2022 when Friends library was inaugurated, and the journey towards carbon neutrality began.



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