“Women are the real architect of this world.”

International Women’s Day is a global day for celebrating the achievements of women from all eras. It is also a day for highlighting the challenges that they face in many sectors of society. Women participation in nature conservation is comparatively less even though it is critical in achieving the success of many of the projects. As quoted by UN Women, women of the world want and deserve an equal future free from stigma, stereotypes and violence; a future that’s sustainable, peaceful, with equal rights and opportunities for all. To get us there, the world needs women at every table where decisions are being made. When women lead, the world sees positive results. The covid-19 pandemic situation showed us some of the most efficient and exemplary responses that were led by women. Women, from all sectors, need to be at the forefront of movements that affect social justice, climate change and equality around the world. Women need to unite their voice for social causes and actively take part in the revival of nature. As universally accepted, women are efficient home-makers and can do wonders if the conservation sector had equal participation from them. We Grow Forest is an earnest initiative from a group of women to vocalise the combined efforts for many recent issues that are leading to a major climate shift. Lack of trees, increasing temperature, reduced wildlife, problematic urban lifestyles and a generation that is stepping away from nature are

the main reasons that compel women to come to the forefront and lead this journey against time.

This Women’s day few women made history by launching the first e-magazine on forests on March 8th 2021, The International Women’s Day!

Women’s Day Celebration at We Grow Forest Foundation Office

On the sunny day of March 8th, all the members of the We Grow Forest Foundation family reached the office with much enthusiasm and diligence. Everyone was in white attire, and the entire office was decorated with flowers and balloons. We started the celebration as planned at 12 o’clock along with the rest of the invited dignitaries from other companies, Fincare Bank, Karvy Stock Broking Limited, Angel Broking and a few others, who share the office building with us. We distributed sustainable ribbon badges to all attendees after the ceremonial inauguration, our Global Ambassador Dr Meera Asmi welcomed everyone and gave an inspiring speech on empowering women and the significance of female participation in nature conservation.

The digital release of the first e-Magazine from We Grow Forest was done by Miss. Amie Ann, our youngest intern in the Forestry Department, and a true nature enthusiast. She is a fresher and like many others, she represents the socially aware generation, who understands the necessity of nature conservation. She shared the viewpoints on growing forests and the importance of increasing green cover for fighting climate change. After the release of We Grow Forest e-Magazine, Miss Merin Jacob shared a synopsis of the experience and challenges we faced while building up We Grow Forest Foundation. The journey was challenging though inspiring. She summed up by sharing a few of the activities that are in line for implementation.

An indoor tree sapling was planted by Aparna, the Managing Trustee and Dr Meera Asmi, Global Ambassador to symbolise the initiation of ‘Celebrate Every Occasion with Nature’. And a small potted plant was given to all the guests as memorabilia. Ms Aparna offered a vote of thanks to all the guests, the entire team and the facilitators for attending the inaugural function and making the programme a success especially the editorial board of the e-Magazine. It was an overwhelming moment for all and a jubilant moment! Afterwards, we had cut a cake and served it to all the people in the office block and photographs were taken to mark the day. We Grow Forest has come a long way to reach the point where we could make a difference in society. Our voices are united and strong to make an impact on society and eventually in the whole world. Thanking and remembering all-women warriors across the globe with sincere gratitude who made this possible. More power to all the women in the world and a hearty welcome to celebrate womanhood.

“We all have a wonderful woman inside us!”

Happy International Women’s Day 2021!

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We Grow Forest Foundation is a non-profit organisation formed to foster a public understanding of the forest ecosystem.