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We Grow Forest Foundation is organizing an all India trip exclusively for women to promote sustainable lifestyle and low emission alternatives for travel.

India is popular for its vast diversity, attracting local and international travellers. There are so many beautiful, natural places in our nation, and current modes of tourism threaten their existence. Our nature, culture and history are our greatest assets which should be preserved, not commodified. Tourism may be an inevitable part of our economy, and we firmly believe it should be better explored to boost our nation’s development. So the question is, how can we travel sustainably?

Recently at the 26th Conference of Parties (CoP26) held in Glasgow, Our Honourable Prime Minister promised to reduce the carbon intensity of the economy by less than 45 percent and meet 50 percent of energy requirements from renewable energy by 2030, reduce the total projected carbon emissions by 1 billion tonnes by 2030 and to achieve net-zero carbon by 2070.

Transportation is the fastest-growing sector and is a significant contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions. India’s population growth and economic development have resulted in an increase in transportation emissions. It is the third most CO2 emitting sector, and within the transport sector, road transport contributes to more than 90% of total CO2 emissions in India.

Transport is at the center of many economic and social development challenges, accounting for about 64% of global oil consumption, 27% of all energy use, and 23% of the world’s energy-related carbon dioxide emissions. Rethinking and revamping transit in the post-COVID era by implementing structural changes would go a long way toward reinforcing some of the positive impacts on emission levels and air quality created by efforts to curb the pandemic.

Though there has been a significant increase in travellers seeking more sustainable, eco-friendly trips in the last few years, more and more people need to take up the role of responsible traveller, with sustainability and the ecological impacts of their visit at the forefront of their minds. Green Voyage is planned to be carried out in an electric vehicle to showcase the scope of less carbon-emitting modes of transportation and also helps in addressing the fears associated with EV for long-distance travel in India and to inculcate a green consciousness in people’s minds.

During the journey, the participants will work on innovative ideas, identify environmentally vulnerable areas, present inspiring projects and talk to green change-makers in the field of mobility, food production, infrastructure development, education, and manufacturing. Another focus point of the Voyage is to spread awareness on digitalisation and introduce our digital platform for creating digital business cards, CVs, membership cards, connecting directories, and many more. We aim to reduce deforestation and maintain the carbon sink.

Sustainability is a term often used nowadays more than ever. We see it everywhere in books, websites, and brochures, but it is never implemented in reality. Change has never been accepted in our society easily. To create a behavioural shift towards the need for sustainable development concentrating on our country’s greatest strength, its youth generation, We Grow Forest is organizing “Green Voyage”, an all India travel exclusively by women to promote a sustainable lifestyle and switch to low emission alternatives for travel. Green Voyage is not just an ordinary mission. It portraits a sustainable travelling mode for everyone to follow, the first one of its kind in our country.

Green Voyage aims to bring limelight regarding issues like the emergency of climate change and sustainable management of resources. It also aims to promote digital products, thereby endorsing a no-print culture, supporting the local economy and promoting eco-tourism. The programme also creates opportunities for NGOs, social workers and Green entrepreneurs to collaborate and bring a collective change.

We are happy to join hands together with any organization or individuals ready to make a change for our planet.

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We Grow Forest Foundation

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