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4 min readJul 3, 2021

The pandemic has changed everything.

The concept of a ‘normal life’ has turned upside down and we have all started to carry business, as usual, staying indoors. Get-togethers, group hangouts, team dinners and parties all shifted to virtual platforms and meeting clients face-to-face has become very rare. Yet, despite the social distancing norms, the need to connect, network, communicate, and work has never subdued. As a result, usage of virtual platforms is on the rise, and more and more companies are switching to remote working, and it’s going to stay –pandemic or not. Few major businesses that have already shifted a good percentage of employees to work from home are Amazon, Infosys, Facebook, HubSpot and Microsoft.

“The paper industry is the fourth largest in producing greenhouse gas, hence primary contributors of deforestation.”

Paper business cards — are they serving the purpose?

Since networking is the key to success, let’s talk about the oldest, most widely used means of connection making tool — business cards. Business cards are professionally printed small cards with the contact information of the person giving them out. Business cards give the basic details of your business like name, company name, address, contact numbers, email and a tagline of your products or services. The exchange of contact cards has also been perceived as a social ritual to mark status, affiliation and position in the business world. Saving the details to mobiles or a personal contact management system happens only if the recipient takes action while receiving the card. The chances of a business card getting thrown away immediately after receiving are estimated as 88%. The card owner needs to ensure that the printed stock is sufficient and replenished as and when required. Physical transactions are the only means of giving a card out.

But is this possible in the current scenario? Since physical events are a no go, virtual business cards are now the safest and convenient way to expand networks. And the digital networking industry is on the rise. As a result, everyone is taking extra care on avoiding physical encounters that can be potentially dangerous due to the spread of Covid-19.

What is a digital business card?

Digital business cards are simple, affordable, and environmentally sustainable tools that prompt the receiver for the quick action and lead generation. The possibilities of virtual networking with current and prospective clients, acquaintances, service providers and other stakeholders are immense. Sharing your digital card on virtual platforms like Zoom and Google Meet during conferences, webinars or presentations, or even discussions can give the other attendees a precise idea of who you are.

InfiCard — The Digital Business Card

We Grow Forest Foundation and Digitalisation

Over seven million trees are cut down each year for paper business cards. And with 88% of paper business cards thrown away immediately, that’s a lot of wasted paper. We Grow Forest’s primary objective is to bring greenery back and restore the environment by promoting sustainable living standards. Our activities are not only limited to planting trees, growing forests, promoting green consciousness, and encouraging nature-building activities, but it extends to protecting the green cover by eliminating deforestation. The idea of promoting digitalisation was to help this

We Grow Forest’s digital platform Virtual Name Connect’s digital business card is called InfiCard. Digital cards produce no wastage and reduce your carbon footprint.

InfiCard — A digital marketing tool that saves trees

InfiCard — as the name says, can be shared infinite times without extra charges or edit limitations. You can share your contact with just a simple click. InfiCard is completely germ-free since no physical contact is required to send or receive during the pandemic period. It is always handy, and you’ll never run out, and there is no need for reordering. Unlike paper business cards, you can include a lot more information like personal/business bio, logo, websites, links, brochures, photos, social media, UPI payment options etc. InfiCard is a simple self-branding tool that is eco-friendly and effective.

Sustainable solutions lead to responsible businesses

We also want to spread more awareness of the social, economic, and environmental impact people can choose to make. As socially conscious individuals, workforce and businesses, it’s essential to give an eco-friendly alternative to the paper business card — InfiCard. A simple decision of refusing to contribute to unnecessary deforestation will positively impact the future of our planet and on millions of people and animals all over the planet.

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