History of Earth Day

The first Earth Day was celebrated in 1970 — it was

led by a few conservation-minded individuals and

organisations in America at that time, who wanted to

raise their voice against the atrocities happening to air,

water, land, and life on earth. Industrial revolution and

urbanisation caused many environmental issues like

oil spills, water pollutions, raw sewages, toxic dumps,

extensive use of pesticides, poaching, wildlife habitat

destruction, and so on. Earth Day gave the individual

environmentalists a common goal and created

a platform for sharing knowledge and awareness. It

aided governments to bring in laws to ensure clean

air, water, harmful chemical-free food, and nature &

wildlife conservation.

By 1990, Earth Day went global and voices from

200 million people in 141 countries got united for

environmental protection.

Climate change and the causing factors were brought

into light from the year 2000 onwards and the urgency

to protect earth has become stronger on succeeding

Earth Days.

We celebrated 50 years of Earth Day in 2020. The

movement aimed to mobilise a billion people to be

a part of nature conservation activities initiated all

around the world.

Earth Day & Biodiversity

Earth Day is a reminder to recognise our commitment

and responsibility to Mother Earth. The current

epidemic is a message from nature to stop misusing

the earth’s resources to the extent that have been.

Nature is perhaps sending us a message to take action

to protect her. Deforestation and other environmental

changes, together with climate change, made the earth

suffer. This affects the living organisms as well. The

high rate of pollution, energy consumption, overuse

of non-biodegradable wastes, e-wastes etc., made it

hard for nature to tolerate. This paved the way for the

depletion of natural resources.

Earth and its ecosystems provide us with life and

resources. We need to guard biodiversity in our

climate action efforts, industrial practices and concrete

expansions. For this conservation education must be

imparted to everyone, especially the young generation

who will inherit this planet. We need to empower

everyone with the knowledge about environmental

protection. International Mother Earth Day provides an

opportunity to develop public awareness around the

world about the challenges regarding the well-being of

the world and each life it supports.

Let’s start greening the earth, restoring the earth,

and healing the earth on this Earth Day 2021

Everywhere on t he earth, species live together and

depend upon each other. Every animate thing,

including man, is involved in these complex networks

of interdependent relationships, which are called


We can participate in biodiversity conservation activities

by increasing our knowledge of conservational issues,

increasing our awareness of the impacts of biodiversity

loss, and increasing support for state policies and

actions that conserve our valuable ecosystems. We can

become educators and promoters as change leaders

of the environment by aiding within the recovery of

species in extinction and preventing other species

from becoming in peril.

The importance of our wildlife is revealed to us within

the thousands of various ways in which the organisms

in the world interact with one another to contribute to

the balance of the worldwide ecosystem and therefore

the survival of the earth. No single life form can live in

isolation. So, as the major consuming organism present

in the earth, humans are responsible for preserving

the biodiversity and the ecosystem to maintain the

eco-balance and protect the species from the brim of


Earth Day 2021

This year’s earth day theme is ‘Restore Our Earth’,

which will be run under five primary programmes,

namely; The Canopy Project, Food and Environment,

Climate Literacy, Global Earth Challenge, and the Great

Global CleanUp.

We Grow Forest Foundation is conducting activities

within the social restriction parameters of Covid-19,

to create awareness among communities and

organisations and to be part of our greening efforts in

rebuilding our planet.

How can you be a part?

Now quite ever, we must all be conservationists.

The relentless conversion of those natural habitats

continues at an alarming pace, and therefore the

near future will determine what proportion of nature

survives, and which creatures will vanish with their

unique genes and their carefully crafted role within the

web of life. Our generation will decide the outcome.

We must never give up on our planet and the species

in it. On International Earth Day, we must express

gratefulness to our planet for the unlimited care and

kindness it provides.

Let us pledge to work for the conservation of our

nature and the protection of our Mother Earth.

Promise yourselves to take up at least one or all of the

below activities that We Grow Forest is proposing;

• Go for plogging

• Plant a tree

• Nurture a tree

• Sponsor a waste disposal bin to help your community

• Dispose-off used masks, gloves, PPE kits safely

• Make some seed balls

• Grow a flowering plant to help the bees

• Install a bird box

• Put out a drinking water container for animals and birds

• Organise a clean-up party and celebrate the day

• Get your kids involved in planting

• Spend a day out with nature

• Share your stories on how you would restore the earth

• Share your wisdom on living sustainably

  • Send us pictures of Earth Day celebrations

Send your Earth Day activities to


We all know that the statement ‘There is no planet B’ is a cliché and fails to register in people’s minds. But it is a hard

reality that there indeed is no other planet that we can go to. To restore our earth, we need to produce and consume

responsibly, give equal importance to other life forms, bring greenery back into nature, and learn to live sustainably.



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